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....On Saturday afternoon on the 2nd of June 2001, in spite of being tired and neglecting the unbearable heat in the city, we made our way to the Acropolis. It is out of the question to be in Athens and not visit this monument of worldwide culture!

In front of Parthenon!
Erechtheum ....The guide was punctual at our appointment and she told us everything about the monuments around us. We learned a lot of things about the Parthenon and other monuments such as Propylaea, Erechtheum, Herodion etc.
....Inside the Museum of Acropolis we viewed and admired all the exhibits being given all the necessary clarifications by the guide. We had all our questions answered and for one more time we felt proud of our History and Culture. Museum of Acropolis

Goulandrie's Museum of National History ....On Sunday morning before setting out for Thessaloniki, we visited Goulandrie's Museum of National History. We were impressed by the collections of insects, mammals, birds, reptiles, shells, minerals, rocks and fossils that constitute the natural affluence in Greece.
....The botanic collections of this museum contain more than 200,000 kinds of plants among which 145 new kinds have been recently found. Some of the most important exhibits are displayed in the department of Zoology, the Palaeondological department and the Worldwide Malakia Dithira. Lions in the Museum!
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