The location of the Municipality of Eleftherio-Kordelio in the Town-planning of Thessaloniki

....Our Municipality is located on the north-west part of Thessaloniki, about 8 kilometres away of the city centre in a flat area. It is partly crossed by the Ring road and the oil refinery of EKO is partially expanded on the area.
....Residents: 9.159 (in 1971), 12.595 (in 1981), 16.500 (in 1991), and 22.000 (in 2001).

....The Municipality of Eleftherio-Kordelio is one of the oldest ones in Thessaloniki known as Harmankioi and Stathmos (Station). Until the '40s, Stathmos was the headquarters of the Municipality and contained within its boundaries a lot of settlements for refugees, among which were Ampelokipi, Nea Efkarpia or Lempet, Nea Menemeni, Neo Kordelio, Neos Koukloutzas and Polihni. Later on, all these settlements were detached from the community and nowadays most of them constitute the headquarters of municipalities.