7th & 9th Primary Schools of Eleftherio-Kordelio
Enviromental Education

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...Within the programme of Environmental Education and the educational programme 'Be acquainted with Greece', which is organised by the Municipality of Elephtherio-Kordelio in cooperation with schools, we have visited Ziogas farm in Lephkohori, an area about 39 kilometres away from Thessaloniki, to be taught how to ride a horse and learn some basic things about horses.
(Horse Trekking Ziogas, Lephkohori, tel. 0394071569)

...The students were properly dressed and had some food with them since we would stay there till midday.
Before Horse riding...
Taking care the horses

...Apostolos and Photini's farm extends to an area of 40 acres and in altitude of 650 metres. As expected, there are a lot of animals in the farm such as hens, rabbits, wild ducks, pigeons and she-goats waiting for the visitors even to milk them. All these constitute a characteristic example of rural life.

...However, the animals dominating the farm are 10 tame horses, 3 male and 7 female: Looky, Anemos, Gergon, Nihterida, Asproula, Kitsy, Dora, Dory, Kate and Dolly. Each one has its own personality and above all they are tame and wait patiently for us the beginners, to ride them.
...Learning horse riding takes place in a specially organised area. Apostolos teaches us the first basic things such as how to keep a horse under control, how to ride it, how to maintain our balance on the saddle,
Teachers are learning too!
the movements we must make while riding and how to lead a horse by bridles.
The lesson is exciting and both students and teachers look forward to riding.
All safety measures are taken!
...It is a unique experience and absolutely safe since all safety measures are taken.
A unique experience...
...As soon as the lesson is over, the children are guided round the farm and see all the animals in it.
Riding like in Far West!
...Later on we gather round to have lunch and we get ready to leave the farm…
...This excursion is ideal for the pupils of the fifth and sixth class of Primary school in order to be taught how to ride a horse and also for younger children in order to be acquainted with rural life and the domestic animals of the village.


...Any visitors can organise a horse- riding excursion to the nearby areas for one or more days. (Sohos or the lake of Kerkini, one of the most beautiful places in Greece). The horses know the tracks and they move in a row. In the farm the visitor can occupy himself with many games such as darts etc. Also there is an apparatus for barbecue.

...Of course it would be impossible for such a place not to have a shelter with a fireplace for the cold winter days.
Besides this there is also the Tower, a three storey building, which provides accommodation to 6 up to 15 persons. A balcony on the third floor allows you to admire the view of the gulf of Thermaikos on a clear day.

The Tower
...The students went on this excursion twice: In 1999-2000 and in 2000-2001.