7th & 9th Primary Schools of Eleftherio-Kordelio
Enviromental Education
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...A visit to the well-organised landscape-Biotope 'Ecoperiighitis' (Sightseeing Ecologic Centre of Kerkini Beles) Address: 620 55 Kerkini Serves, Telephone: 0327 041450, Fax: 0327 041450. Persons in charge: ECOPERIIGHITIS (Sightseeing Ecologic Centre of Kerkini-Beles) Ioannis Reclos, Ioannis Avramidis)
....The landscape is well organised and it is influenced by the contemporary ways of approaching nature, which means a combination of environmental education with pleasure and generally with the positive attitude towards the protection and the right usage of the environment as well as the respect and love for nature.
....It is located near the biotope of lake Kerkini and offers the visitors a lot of educational activities in which they can participate and acquaint themselves with nature.
Our students took part in the following activities: Educational informing, screening slides and video tapes, walking on an ecological path, archery or lesson of orientation, an excursion round the lake by canoe, observation, discussion, telescopes, binoculars and life jackets.

....The two persons in charge of this organised landscape helped in the touring of the visitors and at the same time they were responsible for the safety of our students.
Our visit to this place was part of the programme of environmental education. The students were well informed about the visit and they were properly dressed. They had some food with them as well as a notebook to take notes. During the visit they were given informative leaflets. Souvenirs were also available.
....This visit is advisable especially for students of the fifth and sixth grade either for an all-day or for a semi-day visit. In the second case someone can also visit Ano Poroyia , a nearby green area with steak houses and an entertainment park. We visited this place in 2001.
Activities and programmes of the Union ECOPERIIGHITIS.
Sightseeing Ecological Centre of Kerkini-Beles
Educational informing
  Slides, video, speaking, discussion, coffee, brochures and souvenirs.
Observation from the dry land
  Informing, short walking, telescopes, binoculars, instructions, observation and souvenirs.
Road guided tour
  Informing, a road guided tour round the lake by jeeps (4x4), observation, telescopes, binoculars and souvenirs.
An excursion round the lake by canoe or by boat
  A tour to the reeds and water lilies (autumn-winter) or to the forest nearby (spring-summer). Conducted tour, informing, photographing and video recording.
Binoculars, lifejackets and safety guard.
Camping for children and young people
  Educational informing, a guided tour round the lake, observation, archery, lesson of climbing to mount Beles, lesson and races of orientation round the lake cycling in Crucia, walking along Stremonas river, staying overnight in tents or rooms, guides, equipment, meals, souvenirs and notebooks.
Environmental education for children
  Environmental informing, walking on an ecological path, archery or lesson of orientation, a guided tour round the lake by canoe, observation, discussion, telescopes, binoculars, lifejackets, safety guards, snacks, leaflets and notebooks.