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"Shorty-Theodoros' tale"
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Taking part in the school programme "We welcome Literature" on February 16th 2001, pupils of our school following the instructions of Mr. Papadopoulos and Mrs. Holidou, teachers in our School, performed a play based on Thetis Hortiatis' tale called "Shorty-Theodoros' tale".

The result was amazing. The characters of the tale were so vividly performed that we were carried away laughing and singing with them.
Our actors and actresses!
Katerina, the Narator
Katerina, the Narrator
Tall-Aleleka with the Crazy man
Mrs Tall-Aleleka with the Crazy man in the village...
The Crazy man in the Village
The Crazy man in the
Village having fun!!!
Every one of them was excellent in his role: Shorty-Theodoros, Mrs Tall-Aleleka (Aleka the Stork), the villagers, the Crazy man in the Village, and of course the narrator. We were really lucky to attend this perfomance and enjoy it.
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