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We welcome Literature
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Friday, February 16th was a special day for the students and the teachers of the 7th and the 9th Primary Schools of Eleftherio-Kordelio. It was a day for which we had been preparing for a long time and we had been looking forward to it, the day on which we would welcome Literature and one of its most eminent representatives, Mrs. Thetis Hortiati.
The whole work demanded a great preparation beforehand and it was a project on Literature called "Thetis Hortiati". It involved reading some of the writer's books and preparation of questions based on them. All classes also visited the archaeological site of Vergina because one of the writer's books describes this place and it is called "In Veria-in Vergina".

There was also a display of books provided by IANOS, a big bookstore in our city. A lot of students from the neighbouring schools visited our school and took part in various activities.

To our surprise the classroom in which Mrs Hortiati would speak was crowded and this made both us and the writer really happy.

Students of almost all classes of our schools following the instructions of Mr. Papadopoulos and Mrs. Holidou, teachers in our School, performed one of the writer's tales. The result was amazing.

Books for our students!

Afterwards, the writer had a discussion with the children, made new tales and answered our questions.

We were really impressed by her humour and her ability to inspire us and take us to a world of imagination. What we realized that day was that in order to escape from daily problems and hard reality all is needed is a book!!!

Thetis Hortiati
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