7th & 9th Primary Schools of Eleftherio-Kordelio

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"Finally, skiing isn't that difficult".
....This was what most children answered when they were asked about their impression of the daylong adventure in snow. For one more time, the third one in the recent years, we found ourselves in the beautiful Pisoderi of Florina, in the homonymous skiing centre (an altitude of 1650 metres). This excursion was carried out as part of a programme of our Municipality (Elephtherio-Kordelio) "Be acquainted with Greece".
....Arriving at the skiing centre we were dazzled by the completely snowy landscape!
A short break from the tiring trip and the people in charge, teachers of Gymnastics, experts on skiing, started to teach us the basic things about skiing.
The Saint Bernard's dog!
Ready for skiing!
The children really enthusiastic about the landscape and the new experience, following the instructions of Mr. Bouzikas and his co-operators got the necessary equipment with special boots and put them on.
Ready for action!
Following the experts' instructions!
  ....The children following the experts' instructions ascended slowly the slope of the mountain heading for the ski floor for the beginners, with impatience. Children attended the instructors to show them the movements they had to make.
....What followed was expected. Teachers and pupils went up and down the ski floor with much enthusiasm and joy. What counted wasn't whether they were successful in their effort but the effort itself.  
The Schoolteachers
  ....After two 'difficult' hours we had lunch and took some rest. Children handed over all the equipment and they gathered in the dining- room to eat and talk about their achievements.
....Later on, everybody had new adventures on snow, this time with sledges. Laughter, joy and new experiences followed. At last tired but very happy we got ready to go back home.