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Γαλεριανό Συγκρότημα! <<The Palace Complex of Galerius>>
....Our next destination was the Palace complex of Galerius. First we visited the palace of Galerius, the ruins of which lie in Navarino square. It was constructed at the end of the 3rd century A.D.
....Since most parts are under repair, we saw the outer part of the big parallelogram building where the rooms of the palace used to be and in the southern part, the Octagon where by all chances was the room of the throne. That's where the figures of Galerius and Thessaloniki were maintained.
n the east of the palace, an underground arcade led to the Hippodrome, which has been totally ruined.
....Then we passed by Dimitriou Gounari Street, the ruins of which prove that this road led to the triumphal Arch of Galerius (Kamara).
....It consisted of two triple arches with four columns (big square bases) each, covered by a dome. On the four sides of these columns, there were depictions in relief of Galerius triumphs against the Persians.

Arch of Galerius
....This road ended in Rotonda, a round building, which was probably constructed to be used as a Mausoleum for Galerius. Its walls are 6,50 metres in thickness and form 8 niches around. The building is covered by a dome 30 metres in height.
uring the Turkish domination it was converted into a mosque (the minaret was built then) while after the liberation it was transformed into a Christian church again. Nowadays it has a double use.