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....During the school term 2000-2001, the students of the sixth grade of the 7th and 9th Primary Schools of Eleftherio-Kordelio experienced an unforgettable educational visit lasting three days. We called it a 'trip to culture' because it had to do with culture and acquisition of knowledge and offered us pride of our country and a lesson of democracy. We took advantage of the fact that the House of Parliament organises exhibitions in its building due to important historic anniversaries or in order to honour important personalities of Hellenism. All these exhibitions are attended by a lot of visitors and by organised school groups all over Greece as well as by the Greeks of Diaspora.

(Information about the Building of the House of Parliament and its historical background )
....On the grounds that in 2000, 80 years passed since Thrace has been embodied in Greece, there was an exhibition of various objects and material with the title 'Thrace 2000-80 years since the embodiment in Greece'. What was attempted with this exhibition was a tour to the history of Thrace from the ancient times up to now. The exhibition that took place in the hall of Eleftherios Venizelos, was accompanied by audiovisual material, having to do with the costumes and the daily activities in modern Thrace as well as the natural environment. At the same time, there was an exhibition in the Peristylion (a colonnade round the building) of the House of Parliament with the title 'I travel to the past, I observe the present, I imagine the future and I draw…'. In this exhibition 208 drawings were exhibited all drawn by the students of the sixth grade of the schools of Thrace.
The Greek Parliament
....The visit was arranged for Friday, June 1st. It was a great opportunity for the students to be acquainted with the building of the House of Parliament as well as with the ancient monuments in Athens. Having reached Athens, we settled in a hotel in Omonea and later on we took the underground to go to Syntagma. (We had the opportunity to see the underground exhibition of ancient monuments and we were mainly impressed by the tombs and the skeleton in one of them). Entering the building you can feel nothing but apprehension and respect! It is the place where the 300 members of Parliament meet, take decisions and make laws for all of us.
....The exhibition for Thrace was really impressive. All children sat down on the carpet of the hall of Eleftherios-Venizelos and listened carefully to the guide-archaeologist. Using simple expressions she gave us information about the history of Thrace and about the exhibits around us. Later on, the students went around the hall and took photographs.
Exhibition about Thrace
....Inside the parliament we were allowed to sit down on the seats where each deputy sits with his/her name on. There, we were informed about the use of each space of the hall. Some children expressed their belief that some time in the future they would visit that place again either as teenaged members of Parliament or as senior members of the Greek Parliament.
Inside the Parliament!
Monument of the Unknown Soldier
....Leaving the Parliament we headed for the Syntagma Square where the monument of the Unknown Soldier stands. We attended the change of the evzones of the Presidential guard moving with great accuracy and it is worth saying that the students impressed by what they saw, took as many photos as they could.
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